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Enrichment for Mains 2019

  • NCERT Nector

    Ideation of unexpected

    About 80 to 90 percent of the questions in the IAS Mains are multidisciplinary in nature and need to be answered through rigrous brainstorimg in the examination hall. Our academic team consistently burns the mid night oil to make sure that you do not get the shock in the examination hall. Our well researched questions and answer-structure shall give you a taste of all the trends and themes on which the questions shall be based.

  • Shifting Gears

    Sharpen your writing skills

    Your writing skill is the only formidable instrument through which you communicate your ideas to the examiner. You are judged by the examiner not on the basis of the knowledge you have, but the way you structure the answers. The synegry of powerful content (knowledge) and presentation is the only varibale that differentiates between an ordinary and extra-ordinary answer. Our aim is to imbibe this synergy of content and presentation in your answers.

  • Helmet

    Deep Linkages with Current Affairs

    A large number of questions in IAS Mains are based on current events coupled with issues and debates that impact various spheres of Indian society. Our academic team keeps a track of these current events and ongoing debates. Our team and think-tank persistently cover all relevant sources to design an academic inventory of ongoing issues and debate. It is from this inventory of past 18 months we cherry pick the issues and formulate questions.

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